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 V O L U N T E E R    

  How can you help?

Since we receive no outside funding and do not charge our clients, we rely heavily on donations and volunteers. Monetary donations are always welcome!  Check out our donate page or click on the donate button on our header! Some ways you  can volunteer are listed below.  

Follow these instructions to begin volunteering:

To ensure we keep all dogs and humans safe, all volunteers are asked to agree to a background check.  It costs $25 and is paid for by the volunteer.  Please download the background application, (PDF file below) fill it out, and mail it with a $25 check to Service Dog University PO Box 37157 Pensacola, FL 32526.  If you prefer,  you may scan it and email it to and use one of our website pay methods to pay the fee.  When the results from the background check come back, our volunteer coordinator will contact you.


If you have questions or need help: 

call or text Jan at 850-748-3673

email Jan at

Can't Volunteer but still want to help?

Walk for a Dog is a free app you can download to your smartphone

Simply use the app every time you walk you dog and you will help support local animal shelters and organizations like us!. 


DON'T FORGET TO SELECT Select Service Dog University as your shelter of choice and use the app every time you walk


*Wash/brush dogs              

*Walk dogs              

*Brush dogs teeth       

*Play with dogs                  

*Feed dogs     

*Take photos of dogs/events

*Wash, dry, fold dog towels and blankets         

*Wash bowls           

*Pooper scooper duty           

*Sweep/mop/clean dog room & cages    

*Record keeping                   

*Help with fundraising events                   


Ask about our two exciting PROGRAMS!

* Assistant Trainer Program 

* Foster Program

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