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Is a Service Dog right for you?

If you have a physical or developmental disability, and it is determined that a service dog can enhance your independence, then you are qualified to apply.  Visit the                                 section of our website for more information.  We will review your completed application and assist you throughout the application process.

What Do Service Dogs Do?

Mobility Dogs

Fetch items or pick up dropped items, open/close doors, turn on/off lights, assist with light balance.

Hearing Dogs

Alert handler to specific sounds and orient to where the sound is coming from.


Assist in keeping handler grounded. Alert handler to approaching people, wake from night terrors.


Seizure Response Dogs

Respond to a seizure while it is occurring by staying with the person, bringing a phone, alerting a family member or friend.


Diabetic Alert Dogs


Detect high or low blood glucose levels and alert handler.

At Service Dog University, Inc. we provide continuing training support for our clients throughout the lifetime of the dog.

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